Our Land to Your Table

We have brought the latest advancements and technology to the Chattanooga farm-to-table scene.  From a passive solar green house with hydroponic growing systems, growing tower, and drip system to our outdoor gardening methods and even the species of our farm animals, we make every decision with you in mind. We ethically raise heritage breeds like Red Wattle Hogs, Golden Comet + Americauna Chickens, Norwegian + Muscovy Ducks.

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From the greenhouse to our farm animals, every decision we make is meticulously planned out to provide you and your family with the best quality, fresh produce and meat that you can find anywhere.  Combining our passion with the latest technology, we have created a farm that creates sustainable, all-natural food and natural, humane conditions and non-GMO/organic feeds for our livestock.

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Sign up for our home-delivery service, Market Wagon, to get our products, as well as offerings from other small local farms and merchants, delivered to your door!